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What should I bring to my tax appointment?

  • Forms W-2, 1099-int, 1099-R, 1099-B, 1099-Div, (if applicable). All sources of income.
  • Information about health coverage for yourself, your spouse (if married filing jointly) and form 1095-A if you had covered California. Forms 1095-B, 1095-C.
  • A copy of your federal and state income tax returns for the prior year or last 3 years (New Clients Only).
  • A non-expired government issued Photo ID, and Social Security cards for yourself, spouse and dependents. 
  • Forms 1098, property taxes paid, DMV tag renewal license fee, charitable contributions, required and not reimbursed employee expenses, and all other itemized deductions if applicable.


What are your fees for tax preparation?

  • Our fees are based upon the complexity of your tax return and on the forms to be filed and completed for your return. We would need to have you bring in a copy of your last years return to give you a better estimate on what your fee will amount to. 
  • Our pricing is very fair and competitive.


I became married this year; what is my filing status?

  • Your filing status is "Married Filing Joint" or " Married Filing Separate".